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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

"Childhood Memories"

That lovely smell of dust and rust
As we swung our feet above the stream
On an old iron girder bridge
And let the water carry our dreams

Dust motes dancing in rays of light
Through knot holes in the wooden barn
Our old soft oft washed dungarees
With many a patch and darn

The smell of old tractors
When they’ve just been fired up
The smell of new turned soil
The softness of a new born pup

It was fun and games in the fields
With a boy’s best canine friend
A Best Dog is always true to you
And will love you until the end

The fragrant breath of milking cows
Just bought in from the grass
The taste of new cooled creamy milk
Drank from a frosty glass

The velvet nuzzle of a horses muzzle
As you breath in of it’s breath
And when you breath it out again
You’ve got a friend till death

That magic smell of summer rain
That falls on hard baked earth
That Mother Nature may drink her fill
And dormant seeds give birth

The whip-lash crack of gorse-pods popping
In the burning summer’s heat
Their blossom smells of marzipan
Cool grass beneath bare feet

The smell of grass that’s freshly cut
Or just trod Lemon Balm
The smell of Autumn fire smoke
That hangs on evening’s calm

The sound of kicked up Autumn leaves
The smell of leaf mould lingers
The smell of resin from pine tree’s bark
That stays sticky on one’s fingers

The sights and sounds of childhood
That I remember oh so well
But the strongest of all memories
Seem to be triggered by their smell

Copyright © Res Burman 1st January 2019

Thursday, 1 November 2018

"Keep Your Hammer Face Polished"

My Uncle Piers was a gentle man
Though he fought in World War One
He never breathed a word about it
After he and the War were done!

He should have been  a carpenter
And his water colours give me a thrill
And his words were full of wisdom
And I remember them so well still.

My Uncle always told me
When I was nothing but a kid,
“Keep your hammer face polished
It’ll save you many a quid!”

“A clean hammer face will always strike true
Never glance off the nail,
It’ll save you many handles
And many blackened fingernails!”

“Keep your chisels fiercely sharp
And all your knife blades too
A blunt blade is the dangerous one
A sharp blade will serve you true!”

“And always set your saw teeth
So carefully to left and to right
You’ll find you need to sharpen less
And the cut won’t pinch you tight!”

“And always have a pot of grease
To dip your screws, to hand
Think of the man who unscrews them
In another age or other land!”

I still have his pre-war Chisels
His planes and his saw setting tools
They are as precious to me as when I was three
When he taught me his golden rules.

My Uncle Piers was a gentle man
And my Aunty Ivy was pretty and sweet
She made the best custard I ever did taste
And was the nicest person you ever could meet!

Copyright © Res Burman 1st November 2018

Ivy May and Piers Escritt

"November Mornings" haiga

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

"The Great West Road"

I’ve travelled this old road
For oh so many years
Travelled in both directions
Through laughter and through tears

I remember when it was
Almost a country road
When lorries hit the houses
Or scraped them with their loads

I’ve travelled it by lorry
I’ve travelled it by car
I’ve walked it in the summer heat
When my feet stuck to the tar.

I’ve walked the moors in icy cold
The snow blowing in my eyes
I’ve carried my too heavy pack
Beneath the buzzard’s cries

I’ve known this road from London
And every step to Land’s End
I’ve known her like an enemy
I’ve known her as my friend

I’ve travelled it in the old way
With a Donkey and a cart
I’ve travelled it with laughter
And gone back with a broken heart

It’s wended it’s winding way
From London to the West
Since well before Roman times
And it’s a road we love the best

For though we wander here and there
Across land and sea and foam
The Great West Road is the one we trust
To bring us all safe home.

Copyright © Res Burman 31st October 2018

Friday, 26 October 2018

"Haiku Road"

I’d love to live on Haiku Road
Down the end of Basho Street
Where all the poets gather
And bow to all they meet!

There’d have to be a Temple
For the quiet of one’s mind
And a cosy little tea house
With the best foods they could find.

And then we’d need some mountains
And some forests and bamboo
And quiet shady places
Where the spirit could renew.

Yes I want to live on Haiku Road
I think I’d love it there
And if not I’d move round the corner
And live in Tanka Square!

Copyright © Res Burman 26th October 2018
With thanks to Tom Watts of Troutman
North Carolina for the inspiration!

"Green for Gold" haiku

Cold bites at the trees
As they consume their sugars
And swap green for gold

Copyright © Res Burman 26th October 2018

Monday, 22 October 2018

"Morning Sun" haiku

Autumn morning sun
So low on the horizon
Dazzling my eyes

Copyright  © Res Burman 22nd October 2018