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Friday, 19 September 2014

"The Death of A Hooray Henry"

"The Death of  A Hooray Henry"

She was an exquisite little flower,
And she never made a fuss,
When she hung about our billet,
And wanted to marry us!

But for once Old Tommy Atkins
Lived up to his better nature,
And we called her little sister,
And not a hand was laid upon her.

We gave her a camp bed in a corner,
And we guarded her that way,
And gave her little jobs to do,
So she could earn from day to day.

So she'd take and fetch our laundry
To the "Dhobi Girl' over the way,
And bring us mee hoon soup for tea,
And make herself useful every day.

And then some Hooray Henry,
Still white behind the knees,
Decided our little sister wasn't safe,
Among we licentious thieves!

So he had her taken to the Officers Mess,
And made her wait on tables, clean the silver plates.
And every night he'd fuck her,
And share her with his mates!

And then we heard him boasting,
How his little native whore,
Would suck and fuck him all night long
And still come back for more!

Last we heard of our little sister,
Who we'd protected for so long
She was broken and pregnant down by the docks,
And screwing for a song!

Our Hooray Henry didn't last,
Before his knees were brown ,
He died of snake-bite to the groin
And in a monsoon ditch he was found!

And there's some that said we done it!
But that just could not be right,
Because our beloved Captain Harkabir swore,
We were all on duty with him that night!

So again we licentious other ranks,
Proved what we had already sussed,
We were better men than the Public School scum,
Sent out to govern us!

0545 Saturday 20th September 2014
Copyright © Res JF Burman 20th September 2014