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Monday, 24 September 2012

"Lao Tzu"

Confucius he say
"Given a few more years
Of life to finish my study
Of the Book of Changes
And I may be free from great errors!"

Just goes to show
What a Big-head
Confucious was!

Lao Tzu smiled
And whispered
"The beginning of all things
Lies still in the beyond,
In the form of ideas
Yet to become real"

We both smiled
And walked on
Arm in arm.
Playing Ping-pong
With ideas of Love

Xiao Gao Jiao, Little Longhorn,
Munched contentedly
On fresh grass and water chestnuts
I'd gathered for him
Kind brown eyes liquid
With loving wisdom
Too slow and deep
For me to understand.

"When will you get to the West
Master?" I asked.
"When can I expect to see you
Riding down Causwayhead in Penzance,
On your water buffalo?"

The Old Man smiled
Put a finger to his lips,
"Ah you Westerners," he said fondly,
"Better to live in wonder
Than just wondering!"

With a twinkle in his eye,
He squeezed my arm and said,
"Little Brother, if you thought less
And felt more, you'd know
I'm already there with you!"

The passage in italics made by Confucious is from his Analects
The passage in italics made by Lao Tzu is from the Book Of Changes. The I Ching

Copyright © Res JFB 29th February 2008