Thursday, 20 September 2012

"Sea Salt"

Here in Cornwall, where I reside,
We live with sea, we live with tide
The English Channel brings the cold
The Great Atlantic, wild and bold.
Both these seas surround us here
Where 'ere we go, the sea is near.

Sometimes pacific, almost benign,
But always waiting for it's time!
Artists love it, come to see
The blue, the green, the turquoise sea.
But we who live here, all the time
We never trust that sea sublime.

Oh, she can change from blue so rich
To wicked, murderous, killing bitch!
And when the wind's behind the scend
She'll take ship and man, to their salty end!
Ship killer! Man eater! Child stealer, she be!
Bringing us "Nearer My God To Thee!"

Yet men who sail out there so brave

Upon her bosom, upon her wave,

They bring the food, they bring the trade,

Were ever greater heroes made?

They love her still and their life so free

Making their Daily Bread upon the sea

Copyright © Res JFB 22nd March 2008.

Top pic:- View over Newlyn to Mounts Bay.
Middle Pic:- The Wreck of the Union Star. Lost with all hands, 19th December 1981. The Penlee Lifeboat was also lost with all hands attempting to save the crew and passengers. 
R.I.P. Heroes all.
Bottom Pic:- Seas breaking over Penzance Promenade 3rd February 2008.

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