Friday, 21 September 2012

"Come My Darling"

Come my darling. Hold me tight
Kiss me now and through the night,
To love so well will break no law
So kiss me now then kiss me more.

And while you undertake this task
There's just one thing that I ask
For now I want to kiss your back
And everywhere else, come to that!

There's a hunger in you I can feel
So no more armour, no more steel
I want to kiss each dip and swell
Each lovely breast and scar as well.

Let lips and fingers create desire
And stroke and stroke and stoke that fire,
So curling toes and bottom dance
And always always more romance.

Come lie with me and be my maid
In this battle you'll need no blade
There'll be no winner nor vanquish-ed
Just the glory of your bridal bed.

So come to me and be my sweet
I'll love you from your head to feet
I love you now and to your core
I'll love, love you, evermore.

Copyright © Res JFB 12th December 2007


  1. This is a very touching piece....sweet and romantic!

    It's beautiful Res.

  2. Thanks Lenny. I do get romantic... occasionally... LOL.