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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

"Japanese Earthquake Haiku"

I hear from Vancouver
Of Tokyo quakes... small world
In peril

Sitting safe at home
My heart goes out to all at risk
In quaking Tokyo

Man is so small
When the Dragon shrugs it's shoulders
Playthings of the Gods

Japan lies bleeding
Scattered across her farm land
My heart bleeds for her

Ships take to the land
And cars take to the water
Racing to destruction

After the quake... the waves
So many lives turned upside down
Reduced to mud and matchsticks

Every child I see
Rescued, saved from the wreckage
My heart swells.... tearful joy

I see the loving care
As a boat load of children
Are passed hand to hand

Save them all.. Dear God
Or Goddess.. save all of them
They need your mercy now

Our thoughts and prayers
Are with you all in Japan
Living in harm's way

Copyright © Res JFB 11th March 2011

I was up early listening on line to Duke Lang's "Better Days" Radio Programme from Vancouver when we first heard of Japan's terrible earthquake and tsunami  on 11th March 2011. Duke had a listener in Tokyo who kept us updated during the programme. Some of this was written as it was happening and some later after more news was received.