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Friday, 28 September 2012

"Singapore Annie"

“Singapore Annie”

Singapore Annie
Was eighty if a day
And a hard life
Had written it's story
Upon her raddled face

She'd graciously sit
And accept a drink
From guys on Bugis Street
Among the beautiful

And the smart
Spotless kids
Who'd clean one's shoes
Or play tic-tac-toe
For money
And always 
Eventually win!

Annie earned her way
By hailing Mercedes taxis.
She wanted her special friends
To ride home in style.
And the drivers and her friends
Paid her a commission

When she knew you well
She'd coyly slide the hem
Of her cheongsam
Up her aged leg
And show a tattoo
A Highland Soldier
Painted upon her thigh.

Then from her handbag
She'd carefully take
A letter, much mended
With sticky stamp borders
It was dated long before
World War Two.

Then she'd ask one
To read the letter to her.
She'd sit with the glitter
Of tears
In her ancient eyes
As one read the words
Of a Soldier
Long dead.

Who had
Been enamoured 
Of her beauty
And obviously
Loved her dearly

Who says that
An Old Whore
Has no heart?

Copyright © Res JFB 28th September 2012