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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

"Who Am I?"

I have noticed
Over the years
Whatever you wake up with
Whatever state of health
Or mind
Whatever advantages
You may have
Whatever shortcomings
These are the tools
Unequal though they be
With which you
Must face the day.

Whatever day you wake up to
Fine or foul
Hot or cold
Peace or war
Pain or gain
Or tribulation
Captivity or
This is YOUR day

It's how you handle it
That determines
Who you are
Not whether you
Win or lose
But if you tried
If you did the
Decent thing
If you helped
Instead of hindered
If  you praised
Rather than cursed
If you loved
Rather than hated
Did your best
And not your worst!

If you have seen
Every member
Of your species
As Sister or Brother
And Race as just
The icing on the cake
Little variations
That make Brother
And Sister
To each other
Not different

Who am I?
I'm just one of the crowd
Who am I?
I'm just one of US!

Res giving a talk on Trees to some School Kids
Copyright © Res JFB 16th March 2008