Wednesday, 19 September 2012

"A Walk Around The Fields Of My Mind"


Tires swish on wet roads
No smell of the earth drinking
Missing the woodlands

She rubs against me
Like an affectionate cat
Half a ton of bovine love

Some years
The blackthorn blossom
Lies like snow
Upon the branch

Hawthorn blossom
Seldom heard
Over the sound of casting clouts

Sticky buds in the grave yard
Balm of Gilead

A Vixen's love song
Is not a thing of beauty
'Cept to a dog fox

The smell of sweet sap
Rising from the saw's sharp blade
Next winter's firewood

Sitting underneath
A flowering cherry tree
Basho fills my mind
Sea breezes jangle
The wind chimes made of sea shells
In the life guard’s hut

Winter ploughing
With a great long white kite tail
Of following seagulls

A shepherd's reward
After days and nights of toil
Spring lambs

Beach combing was so
Much nicer in early days
Before the plastic bottle

Copyright © Res JFB 4/3/11

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