Tuesday, 18 September 2012

"Donkey Tales"

Donkey in the kitchen
With her hungry face on
Rattling the lid of the bread bin

My boy and his donkey
Busy with the daily round
Two hearts intertwined
My boy and his donkey
And a smart little two wheeled shay
A chick magnet country style
Donkey and cart
Rattling down the main road
Surf-boards on the back

Blanket on the beach
Donkey in the middle of it
“Where’s my sandwich?”

Stop at a road-side café
Ruan, donkey and I
Pot of tea for three

Donkey at the fair
Giving rides to the kids
Fuelled by Saffron Cakes
The donkey cart
Full of ropes and climbing harness
Off collecting tree seeds

My son and I collecting seed
Seventy feet up a western hemlock
The donkey waits below

Donkey back in the field
With two Arab race-horses
Donkey rules the roost

Copyright © Res JFB 3rd December 2011

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