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Monday, 28 August 2017

"The Earth Pin"

It flashed around the Radio Net
With the speed of Summer Lightning
That we’d lost another comrade
And this time not due to fighting.

I’m sure they taught him better
And I’m sure they drummed it in
That never, never, never
Should you piss on your own earth pin.

It’s nothing to do with hygiene
Nor to limit your liberty
But pissing on your earth pin
Improves it’s conductivity.

Those 3 ton radio wagons
Running through the tropic night
Build up a lot of static
Lookin’ for somewhere to alight.

Maybe he was just tired
Was it sleepiness that done him in?
But training should have taken over
Never piss on your own earth pin.

The news flashed round the units
On the tragic night he died,
He pissed upon his earth pin
And that was why he fried!

Oh what a waste of training
But he’s the one we blames
The young soldier should always
Be careful where he aims!

The Army may lead a man astray
Tempt him with many a sin
But never should you ever
Piss on your own earth pin!

Copyright © Res Burman 28th August 2017