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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

"Another Young Friend Lost"

Photo Copyright © Jacob Cockle.
Dedicated to
The Loving Memory
Jacob Cockle
Who drowned yesterday
(28th May 2013)
whilst photographing
Whirlpools from Underwater.

“Another Young Friend Lost”

Another young friend lost.
We lose too many young people
Down here in the West.

If it’s not illness
It’s fast cars
On slow country lanes.
Or it’s the waves
And the tides,
And our youth
So brave.
So talented and
So very brave.

Better perhaps
You had saved
Some of your bravery,
For your families,
And saved your lives!

Better perhaps you
Had saved some of your
For  your Mothers
And your Fathers,
Sisters and Brothers
And all that loved you
Have greater need
Of that bravery now
Than you do.

By dying
You will now live
Forever young
In the hearts
That you leave behind.
Those hearts
In great need
Of your bravery
To sustain them
In their loss.
So brave but

Rest in Peace.

Words Copyright © Res JFB 29th May 2013

Jacob was a well known surf photographer.
One of his photographs is shown above.