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Sunday, 12 July 2015

No One

“No One”

No one to lick the mayonnaise
From my long handled spoon,
Or eat the nub ends from my pasty
Or join me howling at the moon!

No one to help me to the bathroom
Or to lead me down the stairs,
No one to help me eat my supper
With long and hungry stares.

No one to help me on computer
Though he cannot type a damn
But he’s growing up so nicely
A proper Penberthy man.

No one to snuggle  against me
While lying on my bed,
Or wake me up too early
In case I might be dead!

No one is there to trip me up
On all the scattered toys,
But Babes, I must admit to you
Your Old Grandad misses his boys!

Copyright © Res JFB 12th July 2015