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Friday, 17 July 2015

Strawberries and Cream

I’m eating Strawberries and cream
With my long handled spoon
The one the doggies loved to lick.
I know I shouldn’t but I don’t care!

My beloved sister bought them.
I think they were meant for
A pretty little girl who was visiting
But she'd already eaten a punnet of strawberries
And half a plateful of biscuits!

Sweet child, she bought me a lovely bunch of flowers
And then decided they were so nice,
She should hold on to them!
See, she's pretty and clever too!

Never mind, my beloved sister
Bought me flowers from her garden
Which puts my little backyard to shame
I can smell the roses now from across the room.

And mauvey spikey things
That she did tell me the name of
But you know me, head like a colander!
And some pretty white flowers
That look like Christmas tree decorations.

And the strawberries and cream!
You can blame my next coronary on her!
But I won't! I love her too much!
And always have! Sweet Annabella!

And she didn't hold me down
And force them on me.
She hasn't been able to do that
Since I was ten years old!

Lovely to see my dear friend Eve
And Little-legs, full of smiles and strawberries.
And my Dear Sister and Brother in Law.
Yesterday was a good day, a very good day!

Copyright © Res JFB 16th July 2015