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Sunday, 24 January 2016

"Pine Straw"

“Pine Straw”

I love to rest on pine straw
Somewhere off the track
Where passersby won't see me
A pine tree at my back.

But all the woodland knows I'm there
The robin comes to sing
A Lady Blackbird cleans my boots
Or shares the food I bring.

Sister fox will wander by
And stop with enquiring stare
She sees I have no stick or gun
She knows there's no danger here.

The Badger won't be coming by
Unless I wait till dusk
But I can see the track they make
And sometimes smell their musk.

I can hear the buzzards cry
Circling high above
And soon they will be nesting
In these woodlands that I love.

But I am truly so aware
Of the very air I breathe
The moisture in the soil
The pollen on the breeze.

I breathe in all the goodness
I breathe out all the bile
It does a body's soul some good
To sit still for a while.

I love the songs that different trees
Are making on the air
Goddess of Mercy, if there's a Heaven
I believe it must be here!

Copyright © Res JFB 18th September 2015