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Friday, 12 October 2012

"Duke Lang's Better Days. Vancouver Oo-op Radio"

A collection of Haiku(ish) Verses
about or inspired by
Duke Lang's Better Days Radio Show


Today's dawn chorus
Was Vancouver Radio
Duke Lang's late night show

Listen in the West
Post some Haiku in the South
The East still beckons

Duke Lang's Better Days
Waking the Penzance seagulls
For their morning piracy

I hear from Vancouver
Of Tokyo quakes... small world
In peril

Iris Dement
If you'd sing... I'd listen
Till the cows came home

Larry John Wilson
Gone now but not forgotten
Leaving us his songs

A fine singer pass'd 
With his laugh and his singing
Ringing in our ears

Listening in the night
Tuning into Vancouver 
Better days

Copyright Res JFB 12th October 2012

Anyone wishing to listen in to Duke Lang's Better Days Radio Programme
aired at 22.00 hrs Vancouver time every Thurdsay

should follow this link:-