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Thursday, 4 October 2012

"Nonie Collins"

Sometimes when the light's just right
And the shadows look like water
I think I see her in the night
That Fenian's lovely daughter.

Perhaps a snatch of "Danny Boy"
She taught me on her pillow
Perhaps a glimpse of auburn hair
Or hips that swayed like willow.

I can almost feel her smile
Like silk upon my skin
The whens 'n' wheres of all her kisses
And her warmth that drew me in.

I remember well her temper
Like livid sunset flare
And the blessed balm of her forgiveness
Her tenderness and care.

The beauty of her body
Green eyes and auburn hair
And her love that did enfold me
I think she saved my life that year!

But now it is so many years
Since I heard her lilting laughter
And we'd practice, practice all summer long
The Loving Arts to master.

I have much to thank Erin for
Not least her lovely daughter
Whose laughter could light up my day
Or turn my knees to water.

Farewell my dear, my warrior maid
My yardstick of perfection
The lodestone in my compass points
Always in your direction.

Copyright © Res JFB 4th October 2012