Sunday, 15 November 2009

"The Beaufort Scale "

The Beaufort Scale is an empirical measure for describing wind velocity based mainly on observed sea conditions.

The Beaufort Scal

Without regard for life or limb,
The weather, it comes storming in.
The waves do build, the wind does wail
As the weather climbs the Beaufort Scale.

At Force Six, Strong Breeze, large waves with foam

The fishing fleet starts to think of home
At Seven, Near Gale, the foam does streak
Out-doors is no place for the weak!

At Eight, the waves are eighteen feet,

And cars veer across the street!
At Strong Gale Nine, the slates do fly,
And chimneys shake against the sky.

At Ten, Whole Gale, whole trees do go,

And whole roofs too, "Look out below!"
Force Eleven has thirty seven foot waves,
And has taken many to their graves!

But Force Twelve has another dread name,

And that dread name is hurricane!
Ninety miles an hour winds, sixty foot seas,
Will do with you just what they please!

And wind and wave can go much higher,

If I told you now you'd think me liar!
But in the shriek and wave and wail,
You'll pray to God that you prevail!

And when it's over you won't believe

This friendly breeze knocked you to your knees.
You count your dead, lay them away
And brace to face another day.

But remember when fishers head away,

And sailors seek a sheltered bay,
When the weather is unfit for all,
The Life-boat is ready for your call!

Those brave, brave men will always sail

No matter what the Beaufort Scale.
They'll do their best for you and me,
And all in peril on the sea!

Poem Copyright © Res JFB 7th May 2008

Dedicated with the greatest admiration to the Crew 
of Lifeboat Solomon Browne, who, on the night of 19th December 1981
gave their lives trying to rescue the Crew of the Coaster
Union Star.
Both Crews were lost.
After one day of searching for survivors or bodies,
another full crew of volunteers reported for duty
on the replacement lifeboat!


  1. Hi Res, I love this blog! So many beautiful poems! xx

    1. Thank you so much Ina, and you must have done some scrolling to find this one. Lovely to see you here, and I am so glad you have enjoyed your visit, that makes it all worthwhile.
      Much Love ~ Res

  2. A very nice poet about Sabah again....
    It's a beautiful one.

    1. I think this could apply to any sea-port where sailors and fishermen venture out on the deep to make their living, Lenny. Lovely to see you here. Much Love ~ Res