Saturday, 14 November 2009

"Darkened Doorways "

If upon a Golden Highway,
Darkened Doorways you espy,
Should you plumb those depths of darkness,
Or on heels made hasty - fly?

Could you find - within the darkness,
A Talisman or key which might,
Someday unlock a gate of Golden,
Into a City of Delight?

Could you lose yourself in darkness,
Lost to light and lost to day,
Or can you always keep some brightness,
In your soul to show the way?

It isn't always choice that throws us,
Into the abyss of despair,
But if you wave off the birds of sadness,
They can't nest there in your hair!

So, while you'd always choose the sunshine
Try to stick to that Highway bright,
The lessons most in need of learning,
Are often hidden in the night.

So Golden Highway, rocky road,
Or perilous crossing o'er the foam.
The only place that means safe harbour,
Will be the place you call home!

Copyright © Res JFB 19 February 2008

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