Sunday, 15 November 2009

"To Lao Tzu and The Earthquake "


To Lao Tzu and The Earthquake

A Message From The West.

You spent your life
Learning and teaching
Serving by being.
Like water content
To take the lower path.
Seeking the common level.
And like water
Moving softly
But wearing away
Mountains of greed,
Ignorance and prejudice
By the practice
Of your faith and
The truth of your words!

As you grew older
Who knows if 'twas
Towards the end
Or the beginning
Of your sacred life,
You abandoned mans greed
And took another pathway.

You mounted your Water Buffalo
Xiao Gao Jiao, Little Longhorn
That most patient of companions
And rode away
Towards the West,
Where your wisdom
Was then so badly needed.
More so than at home.

I have often wondered
When you would get here!
But as you told me in a dream,
To those whose hearts are open,
You are already here.

Perhaps now, Honoured Friend,
Whilst China's bosom is bleeding
By the Dragon's shrugging shoulders,
So many dead, so many needing comfort.
It is time for you to return
To China once again.

Ah! But of course,
Lao Tzu. Wo lao pen yu,*
To those whose hearts are open,
You are already there!

Take your wisdom and your acceptance
To those in need of understanding.
Join with Lady Kuan Yin,
Bring healing to the sore.
Lay the hand of comfort
Upon the souls of those who suffer,
Grant them the strength to survive
And the wisdom to rebuild.

Tell them that those who see
The Tao. By whatever name
Different peoples give it,
Send their wishes for recovery
And our hopes for days to come,
And their love to share
In both the sorrows and the happiness
Of our brothers and our sisters
In the East and Everywhere!

Copyright © Res JFB 21st May 2008
*Lao Tzu. Wo lao pen yu = Lao Tzu. My old friend.


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