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Sunday, 8 November 2009

"To All In Durance Vile" , Everywhere

To All In Durance Vile, Everywhere

A spot of sun
Head - high - on the wall
About the size of an open exercise book
Sloping upwards - left to right
I stand, facing the window
My back against the wall
Head in the sun
Feeling its warmth
On my skin.

The light shines golden orange
On my closed lids
Turning my world
To radiant warmth
Like the touch of God
Upon my face.

I forget my cold hands
Cold legs and feet
I bathe in warmth and light
The universe is warm and bright.
Like a womb
Taking me back to my
Microscopic origin
Whilst incubating the
Macroscopic destiny of all
I am as One.

The Universe swirls
The world turns
The sun spins
The shadows move
I shuffle crabwise along the wall
Remaining in the ray of light
As long as possible.

The sunbeam narrows
A foot long, a thin bar
On the wall
Still sloping
From left up to right
I stand with my head on one side
To catch the sun, as though listening
And I do listen
To the silence of the sun.

Now the spot of light
Is the size of a postage stamp
Just big enough to cover
One closed eye, still bathing it
With gold.
Half my world washed with sunlight
While darkness slowly spreads
Outward from my other eye.

The sunspot goes, I sway
Seeking it. It's gone.
Still with closed eyes
I sink to the floor where
Cross-legged, the cold returns
To my hands, my legs and feet
And I try to retain
The warmth, in my mind
And re-live upon my face
That gentle touch of God-
Until Tomorrow.

Written in the 1970's
Words Copyright © 10th October 2008
Pic from the web