Sunday, 8 November 2009


What does Kerouac mean to me?

Riding the Sunburned Thumb to Oblivion!

The sheer exuberance of being able to carry one's own pack,
To hump one's bluey, dog eared copy of "On the Road"
Slowly dissolving to dust in a jeans back pocket.
Not exactly showing me the road
I'd been travelling since aged fifteen
But the first hint that there were others
Seeking far horizons for no other reason
Than they were there!

Apart from traditional travelling people
And those salt of the earth travelling Irish
Looking for the next ditch to dig
The next road to build
All of whom had cheerfully shared their fire with me
And their work with me.
Apart from those Kerouac was
The first to say to me,
"You are not alone out there!"
Despite the gentle hum of silence!

Copyright © Res JFB 8th October 2009

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