Monday, 9 November 2009

"Treat Our Soldiers Right"

"Treat Our Soldiers Right"

This piece was prompted by my learning that there are some 20,000 ex-servicemen in England and Wales either in Prison or on Probation for crimes largly associated with untreated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is over twice the number of our troops currently serving in Afghanistan.
For all I know the Government may consider this a cheaper option to treating and re-habilitating them!
I think it is a National Disgrace!

* * *

These are our 'boys' we're sending,
Sending off to war.
They'll come back changed,
They'll come back maimed,
Or they'll come back no more!

These are our 'boys' who're serving,
Serving in the fight.
They'll do their best,
To pass the test,
And do what we deem 'right'!

These are our 'boys' coming back,
Bearing tales they cannot tell!
They find that you don't understand,
Most will discard them out of hand,
And their Government will as well!

These are our 'boys' we send to jail,
Send them off right quick!
We've learned that men who suffer stress
Are better off in jail, no less!
Than being pampered on 'The Sick'!

It's bad enough we pay 'em,
To go and fight our part.
Cheaper far to jail 'em,
Than treat 'em for what ails 'em!
This Country, full of heart!

I weep for all the lost ones,
And those who're merely maimed!
But most of all I weep for us,
Who could treat our Soldiers thus?
Are you not ALL ashamed?

I say this to our Government,
Every Mothers son of you.
If you're not working day and night,
If you don't struggle to put this right,
Then you should be jailed too!

It's time we made a contract,
If we send our 'boys' to fight.
We should undo the damage done,
Relieve the stress earned by the gun.
And Treat Our Soldiers Right!

Treat Our Soldiers Right

Copyright © Res JFB 2009

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