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Sunday, 8 November 2009

"The Headhunter's Daughter"

Her hair, blue-black and silky,
Hung down to her waist,
Her breasts, pert, round and perfect,
Were exactly to her taste.

As sweet and soft as wild hibiscus,
A maiden to her core,
A short sarong from hip to knee,
Was all she usually wore.

A hundred gods had laboured
On the perfection of her face.
And her steps were slow and graceful,
With seduction in every pace.

Washed clean in jungle rivers,
Kissed by the tropic sun,
She was the sweetest thing of fifteen years,
And her life had just begun!

She chose her lover wisely,
Sleek and sure as a jungle cat!
And all the young men thought about,
Was to share her sleeping mat!

And when she was quite certain,
With touch and glances long,
She lured him to her bedside,
And opened her sarong!

And when she was quite certain,
And happy with her choice,
She let him love her one more time,
And gave her thoughts a voice!

"You have given me much pleasure,
I know the same is true for you.
I feel life start within my belly,
As it's supposed to do.

Now early in the morning,
Get up 'n' leave my bed!
And prove to me you are a man!
And Go! Fetch me a HEAD!"

Copyright © Res JFB 3rd October 2009
Dedicated to the so-called Headhunting Tribes of Borneo. Delightful people, warm and friendly, provided you weren't an enemy! They were bright and intelligent and extremely sophisticated in living their jungle lives. The children were unspoiled and were mostly delightfully polite and I never heard a voice nor saw a hand raised against them!
Their young ladies were renowned for their beauty and their generous natures. But sad to say, it was usually them who sent the men off to take a head or two!