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Saturday, 14 November 2009

"Cultivating Love and Fruit (Parental Advisory) "


Cultivating Love and Fruit

Hail, my lady, I stand proudly
In your presence here
I come to polish apples
And plant my seeds down there!

I am intent on cultivation
Is this fertile earth and fresh
Watered by my salivation
To bring sweetness from your flesh?

Oh your apples shine so sweetly
In the candle light of night
And the pips pucker to my touch
Oh you are a lovely sight.

I love your scent I love your taste
I love your peachy skin
I love the splitting of the fig
As you rise to let me in.

But first a salty furrow
I'd plough with tongue and nose
I'll tip-toe through your tulips
Now who's got curling toes?

I see your nectar oozing
I see this earth rise up
I love your taste I love your scent
Drinking from your loving cup.

I peel your grape
And taste it there
Oh thou art, thou art,
Thou are fair!

And now comes time
To stir the spell
Mixed in this cauldron
I love so well.

Pestle in mortar
Grind on grind
To stir the flesh
To squeeze the rind.

To mix the fruits
Till juices run
You are my moon
You are my sun.

This is my garden
I till to please
To bring delight
To bring you ease.

This is my temple
I worship here
Goddess love
Goddess care.

This is your bower
'Tis where I serve
When duty calls
I serve with verve!

Hail Lady, I stand proudly
To serve I am not loath.
For in your garden of delights
I'm Master and Servant, both!

Copyright © Res JFB 12th June 2008