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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

"St Just Fire Brigade"

St Just Fire Brigade are volunteers
But when they are called out
The Butcher, Baker and Candlestick maker
All turn out for a "Shout."

One time they put out a fire
In a Penzance Square,
They say they put the fire out
Before Penzance crew got there!

They'd turn out for anything
Cat up a tree, or stuck under a log,
A puppy down a mine shaft
Or a heifer stuck in a bog!

Peter Bennetts prize heifer
Up to her belly in marsh.
And 'im an' his lads couldn't budge 'er
Oh Lord! Peters comments were harsh!

So they called the boys out with their engine
Duckboards and sheer-legs and toys
Slings and sheave blocks for pulling
They knew what they were doin' those boys!

They heaved and they splashed and got muddy
The heifer got frightened and guess,
Yeah, frightened cattle always
Add a good contribution to mess.

Things got smelly and mucky
Neighbours arrived to lend hand
And with much swearin' and sweating
Eventually they got her to land.

Poor heifer stood shaking and trembling
The boys started cleaning their tack
Peter said to his son Johnathan
"Get a bottle of rum! Hurry back!"

All the firemen looked hopefull
And slowed down what they was doin'
They'd earned a drink of any mans rum
But they didn't know what was ensuein'.

The Firemen all looked thirsty
The bottle arrived like a zephyr
Peter Bennett took one long sniff
An' poured it all down the throat of the Heifer!

Faces have never dropped further
As they watched the gurgling grog
They saved Bennetts heifer that day
But Peter, they threw back in the bog!

Copyright © Res JFB 25th February 2008